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    We are fluent in German, English & Danish
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Offering Electronics Product Design on on your location in synergy with your R&D Team - or on own WedeCon R&D lab.
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Bluetooth Tracking Beacons  - An exciting project with the name NanoLink is now launched.
WedeCon Design was responsible
for the R&D electronic Development of the Wireless Bluetooth Tracking Beacon electronics hardware and the Chinese production introduction

Bluetooth Beacon elektronikudvikling
beacon tracking bluetooth elektronik udvikling

Intelligent Wireless Home Controller   - IHC - Exciting project with the names BlueChimney & DraftOptimizer are now launched
  with 433Mhz & 868Mhz wireless Remote control .  New option for Wifi control on Smartphone App just relased .
WedeCon Design is responsible
for the R&D electronics & mechanical Developments of the Home Controller electronics hardware and the Chinese production
wifi home controller elektronik udvikling DraftOptimizer
trådløs home controller elektronikudvikling DraftOptimizer Bluechimney
     433Mhz Remote Control Bluechimney elektronikudvikling
draftoptimizer elektronikudvikling bluechimney

AutomotiveTelematics Controller  - An new project with Automotive Telematics power management module is now completed.
WedeCon Design was responsible
for the R&D electronic & mechanical Development of the
Automotive Telematics power management electronics hardware and the Chinese production
automotive telematics produktmodning powermanagement elektronikudvikling

New AutomotiveTelematics test prototype module R&D development  with GSM , GRPS , GPS , Bluetooth , 6 axis sensor
Automative Telematics ElektronikUdvikling elektronikentwicklung prototype Elektronikudvikling Telematics produktmodning Radiomodule IHC
gsm modul elektronikudvikling simkort M95
gsm module alarm sms custom-made produktmodning

wifi alarm gsm elektronikudvikling produktmodning
 gps gnss tracking elektronikudvikling produktmodning PTA
433mhz 868mhz  elektronikudvikling produktudvikling
remotekontrol 433Mhz elektronikudvikling prototype produktmodning

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Odense E18 Elektronik Messe 2018

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       Wedecon Design
 Jonstrup Vej 237B
 2750 Ballerup.

 Mobile :

   SkypeID :   wbl.se

   Chinese QQ:  2870194814 
   Chinese Wechat  online
   Email :  wedecon@wb-net.dk 

 CVR - taxnumber  :  DK-31715490


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  Now +35.000 members in    Connected Home Networking .- Linkedin

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  Linkedin :  Wireless technologies in the Connected Home
Linkedin : Near Field Communications (NFC) in the Connected Home
  Linkedin : IoT & M2M Technologies Smart Home

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Telematics remote elektronik udvikling entwicklung elektronikentwicklung
Elektronikprototype udvikling hardware arduino kundetilpasset elektronik udvikling
Bluetooth remote fjernbetjening
BLUETOOTH BLE module BlueTooth module development



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Odense E18 Elektronik Messe 2018

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